About Penelope

My father chose the name, Penelope, for me. Little did he (or I) suspect that the meaning of that Greek name would become the focus and creative center of my life. Penelope means "weaver" in Greek.

I learned to weave in college where I eventually took a B.A. degree in art with emphasis in textiles (1971). I studied with the internationally acclaimed craftswoman, Arline Fisch, at California State University, San Diego.

The early focus of my work was on tapestry wall hangings and rugs. I have shown in group exhibits and one-artist showings since 1970. My special area of interest shifted to wearable art and resulted in the production of many one-of-a-kind coats, sweaters, and accessory items. I am now marketing my own limited production handwoven and crocheted accessories; scarves, shawls, capes and caps in extraordinary colors. Each season's work is an exciting adventure as I play with new color and texture combinations and designs.

I live and work in the Sierras, 60 miles northeast of Fresno. My studio is surrounded by trees, plants, rocks and water. Nature is an unending source of inspiration, bringing into my work a timeless beauty and classic quality, so important to people who want to invest in the crafts.

Scarves by Penelope

Enjoy the luxury of a handwoven scarf made in America.

These scarves are designed by Penelope using natural fibers of cotton, rayon and silk.

Each design combines yarns of many colors and textures including ribbons and novelty cording.

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection offers many different color stories. There are color combinations evocative of midnight in Paris, Tuscan landscapes, tropical fiestas, quiet, pebbled streams and mossy forrest floors.

Dry cleaning is recommended but they can be hand washed in cool water and mild suds.

They are very light-weight and soft, yet offer the delight of textures and multiple yarn styles.

Dimensions are 7" wide by 60" long plus 5" of hand knotted fringe at each end.

Scarfe 7 x 60 inches.